Our Cutlery

Our first product is cutlery, designed from scratch for children. Even mini versions of adult-sized cutlery are physically difficult for kids to use. Children find them hard to hold, so they become distracted and disengaged.

The cutlery design came about after the realisation of the difficulty many children have in learning this life skill:

“Returning to teaching after having my son, I found myself trying to get children in a class of 30 to eat a hot meal with a knife and fork at lunchtime. Only two children had an idea how to hold and use the cutlery. Lunchtime quickly became the most stressful hour in the day! As a teacher I have used pencil grips, training scissors, easy grip rulers, yet there was no cutlery out there that works this way. Research and a patent search confirmed this, so I set about designing some myself…” – Kathryn, Founder of Nana’s Manners’

After much research, testing and development, we now have the perfect shaped handles that teach little hands to hold and use a knife and fork independently.