Our cutlery is here and we're open !


After an amazing 4yr journey of ups & downs, leaps forwards and set backs, I’m
delighted to be able to say our cutlery is finally here! We’ve worked hard to
produce a product we’re proud of and are delighted with the first batch.

We turned around the pre-orders from last year as quickly as possible and I’m
delighted to have received the first few lovely messages from recipients. Here’s
an extract from one I received today;

“…Henry used them straight away that night for supper. The thing I really noticed that made a significant impact for his eating was the fluency in which he could put down the cutlery -but then pick it up easily and crack back on with the eating! No fiddling around, no using fingers again etc…”

Go Henry!!

Our children's cutlery is available to order now from our online shop


Nana's Manners is open