Meal times made easy for schools and nurseries!

Nana's Manners arrives in schools and nurseries across the United Kingdom. As a primary school teacher Kathryn Baldrey-Chourio experienced first hand the difficulty many children have using a knife and fork during the lunchtime rush. Teachers and educational staff have the daily routine of helping little ones, those school starters in nurseries, reception and primary school classes cutting and eating their food in a very short period of time.
Since Nana's Manners launched with the first retail range, of cutlery and recognising this essential skill for school readiness. The cutlery sets have been endorsed by teaching staff, headteachers, educational professional's, SNCO's and occupational therapists across the United Kingdom. The range exclusively designed for use in Schools and nurseries ensures an experience that makes meal times easy for teachers. Whilst the children also get to learn and practice independently, the enjoyment of eating up all their food! Nana's Manners is making it easy for teachers to continue the learning through lunchtime.
Our product encourages the child to use the correct "tri-pod grip" or "three fingered grip" which whilst being and essential part of a child's fine motor skill development is the same grip used when using pens, pencils for writing, colouring, using scissors any many other essential daily tasks.